wren (sex_scorpion666) wrote in label_me_unique,


  • name:
  • wren
  • date of birth:
  • october 25, 1986
  • location:
  • vermont
  • gender:
  • female
  • sexuality:
  • im just sexual. i dont seem to have any preferences
  • in school? for..
  • yes, freshman at Vermont Tech but transfering. majoring in nursing


  • music:
  • i like emo; dashboard, saves the day, thursday, straylight run, and some other stuff; eve 6, incubus, maroon 5, slipknot, finger eleven, third eye blind, deadsy
  • color:
  • dark red. and black.
  • movies:
  • the fifth element, the chronicles of riddick, dune, the nightmare before christmas, osmosis jones, kill bill vol. 1 and 2, tank girl, whats eating gilbert grape, the basketball diaries, the butterfly effect
  • books:
  • anything by stephen king, especially the stand, the green mile and 'salem's lot
  • food:
  • chocolate when im in the mood
  • people:
  • alden. ask me if you dont already know
  • activities:
  • photography, riding my horses, playing in the snow, skiing
  • about myself:
  • my hair, i get along with most people, my sense of humor
  • others:
  • i love football. and i played on the boys' lacrosse team all through high school. all of my real-life friends are guys.


  • music:
  • overplayed pop songs. rap/hip-hop. i cant stand destiny's child, and all these new hip-hop girls.
  • movies:
  • the butterfly effect (i love and hate this movie... its so personal)
  • food:
  • im not a true vegetarian, but sometimes the thought of eating animals nearly kills me
  • people:
  • my real sister, my step-brother
  • activities:
  • drugs
  • about myself:
  • i dont always stand up for myself, i dont like my eyebrows or my smile, i procrastinate
  • others:
  • i hate loud noises. yelling, slamming doors, even car horns or dog barks


  • my biggest fear:
  • water. someone tried to drown me as a child. sharks; i was bitten by one in a petting zoo when i was 3
  • my favorite memory:
  • me and alden's first kiss
  • im proud of:
  • my grades in school
  • i regret:
  • nothing
  • my goal:
  • i want to be financially stable and have a happy life with little stress
  • disorders/ special conditions:
  • depression, borderline personality disorder, insomnia, hemaphilia, and some eating disorder and bipolar traits.


  • if my life were a movie... (give us a title, summary, soundtrack, cast...):
  • im working on writing it. but i am not the star. the characters are all representations of the personalities ive ever wanted to be. there is a prostitute, a girl who was basically raised in a psych ward, the daughter of a multimillionaire, a deep, thoughtful and adorable boy...
  • my theme song:
  • 'she will be loved' by maroon 5 or 'awful' by hole
  • if i could choose one super power:
  • to read minds, but only when i chose to
  • i wish...
  • i had a different family. i love my family, and i would still like to know them, like have them be my 'parents' best friends or something. but growing up as myself in this environment has been too much. i wish my life had been different, not necessarily easier, just different.
  • now be funny:
  • read the Holiday Humor entry in my journal sex_scorpion666

.:OPINIONS:. (pick 3 to emphasize- no novels please)

  • government:
  • i feel as if we do not live in a democracy and that my vote no longer counts. i do not respect the government or the way it is run. i feel decisions are made based on the interests of an elite few, not the country as a whole.
  • pornography:
  • i have nothing against it, and sometimes i find it hot, but i have to be in the right mood. as long as everyone involved was willing to have it publicized, i have nothing against it.
  • abortion:
  • i support a womans right to choose. i was supposed to be aborted, but my parents couldnt afford it. though im glad to be here, i did not have a happy childhood and i would not want that experience for anyone else. adoption is just as bad- do you know how many foster children are mistreated? i do
  • drugs:
  • i went through a period where i heavily used, and a lot of my life was wasted. i went through recovery and have been clean for almost a year now, but ive seen so many who havent recovered and now, i cant see myself ever supporting any type of drug habit.
  • sex:
  • i love sex. but this is a hrad topic for me because i have struggled a lot with my sexuality, and i think that in a lot of ways, my eagerness toward sex is my way of proving to myself and everyone else that i dont have any issues with it, when the reality of it is, i do.
  • school:
  • i LOVE school. i love my major and i love learning outside my major. im just a sponge when it comes to knowledge, i want to know everything.
  • self-injury:
  • i used to self-harm. i stopped for myself and no one else, but i know what its like to be there. i would never encourage someone to hurt themselves, but i have friends who self-harm, and i dont tell them not to do it. i guess i dont like being told what to do, so i try not to tell others what they should do.
  • animals:
  • i LOVE animals. i feel guilty when i admit i am not a vegetarian. i rarely eat meat, but once a week i have chicken or turkey and once a month i eat red meat, because i have medical conditions that make it very dangerous for me to not eat meat. a year ago i was hospitalized after i stopped eating meat, even though i was taking supplements and vitamins.
  • give your opinion on something we didnt ask:
  • livejournal- i love this place. i joined a few months ago hoping to maybe meet ONE person i could talk to (i really dont have any friends). well now, i hve pseudo-met so many great people, and gained so much confidence in myself because of it. people will argue that i cant consider people i dont know as friends, but i DO know them.

    anything about yourself you want us to know:

    i have an obsession with surface piercings. right now i have the ramus in each thumb, one safety pin in my elbow and im planning to do a hip piercing (like shebleedsacid) as soon as i get the right jewelery for it.


  • why did you decide to join?
  • i created this community. i wanted to see what goes into the application process im asking everyone else to do
  • give us pics if youve got 'em
  • my harddrive died :*( but i will post new pics as soon as possible. theres a couple in my userinfo.
  • promote us

  • samples of things youve created

  • suggestions for this community


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