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date of birth: november 22nd, 1987
location: northport, florida
gender: female
sexuality: straight
in school? for.. right now i'm a junior, and i'm taking auto machnics at a vo-tech and also plan on taking rn classes


well i listen to every thing but my favs are the Eagels, Usher, Toby Kieth, Kieth Urban, Avril, Yellowcard, Simple Plan, HIM, Jesse McCartney, lots of others
color: silverblack, blue, and silver
movies: i absolutely love horror movies!!!!!!!!!!!!!! especially the series with Freddy Crougar(sp)but I also like romance, and comedy, and sometimes sappy movies really it depends on my mood. i'm the type that cries on sad parts in cartoons. but i'm always in the mood for horror movies!
books: i like to read anything and everything, some of my favs are V.C. Andrews, Danielle Steel, Stephen King, in poetry they're Shel Silverstien, Edgar Allen Poe, and poems written by teens
food: PIZZA!!!! ;;giggles;; i mean who can live without pizza?
people: Nevaeh, Zach, Julian, Adrienne, some other ppls
activities: playing with my daughter, writing, singing, jogging, swimming
about myself: the color of my eyes
others: ummm i love long walks on the beach......LOL sry i had to do it but i really do like long walks on the beach :) (i know i know your thinking wow this girls wierd and you know what i completly agree)


opera, sry for those of you who like it but it puts me to sleep
movies:silent movies, i just get so lost
food: eggs ;;gags;; however i has a reason when i was younger i was forced to eat them i had them literally stuffed into my mouth and was forced to eat them so now i hate them, iroically i love to cook them and everyone that i make them for says they're really good
people: sometimes matt(Nevaeh's dad), umm lots of ther ppl
activities: anything i'm forced to do, even if its something i like if i'm being told to do it it makes me hate it
about myself: the fact that i have a lazy eye
others: stupid tv shows


my biggest fear:
maybe later i'm not sure which one is my biggest yet
my favorite memory: the first time i got to hold my daughter, Nevaeh
im proud of: myself for raising my daughter, stopping cutting, and letting people in
i regret: wow s couple of things but nothing i realy care to name
my goal: to make a good life for Nevaeh and i
disorders/ special conditions: havnt been diagnosed with any (but i'm sure i have many)


if my life were a movie... (give us a title, summary, soundtrack, cast...):
title; voices / summary; the twist and turns in the life of Çristy / soundtrack; my lil black padded room / cast; wow ummm i dunno lots of ppl
my theme song: do you mean like a real song or something i made up? well if you meant a real song it would be "Welcome To My Life" by Simple Plan
if i could choose one super power: i wanna fly!!!
i wish... ;;sighs;; lots of things
now be funny: -_- / _-_ / -_- / _-_ / -_- lQQkie i can roll over ^_^ ;;giggles;;

.:OPINIONS:. (pick 3 to emphasize- no novels please)

i believe that gay marriage is a church matter not to be ruled by the goverment
pornography: eewww
abortion: well personally i would never get one, and i believe its murder. but i also believe someone has a right to do what they want with thier body but in this case its not just thier life. but in some cases i mean like rape, or if you had aids, or there would be serious complications, theres other circumstances also
drugs: i dont really have much of an opinion on them
sex: i think it should be with some one you love
school: its important
self-injury: ;;sighs;; i use to do it, its bad though it becomes addicting(sp) i have lots of friends who do it
animals: :) they're so cute
give your opinion on something we didnt ask: umm i dunno its 3:49 am sry cant think so great
anything about yourself you want us to know: if you havnt been able to tell i suck at spelling, i tend to keep late hours


why did you decide to join?
this seemed like a really great community and i love metting new people, im diffrent
give us pics if youve got 'em me a couple of weeks ago
me and my daughter sometime in october
me and my daughter the day she was born when i first got to hold her :) August 17th
promote us i will at __deepthoughts and on my journal
samples of things youve created i mainly write poetry but here you go

~*Cry For Help*~
Someone save me,
save me please.
The tears are pouring,
the terror so deep inside.
Someone save me,
save me please.
The fear is overwhelming,
the pain to much to hide.
Someone save me,
save me please.

~*In The Shadows*~
In the shadows,
where my tears fall,
where my sobs are heard,
where the lies end and the truth begins,
where I let my feelings flow.
In the shadows,
were i can be me

~*My Nightmare*~
i see you
your right in front of me
i go to touch you
but i can't reach
suddenly i'm surrounded by water
and your staring down at me
i scream your name
but you just stare with unseeing eyes
i can't breath
i'm gasping for air
but you just stare
it all goes dark
and then....
i wake up

Midnight, the clock strikes twelve, as the blade tears his skin, it slices through my heart. Why must my knight in shining armor hurt me so? The blood drips to the floor, as the tears pour down my cheeks. The scars on his arm may heal, but the scars on my heart are permanent. Why must my knight in shinning armor hurt me so?

suggestions for this community i dunno
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