wren (sex_scorpion666) wrote in label_me_unique,

hey guys, so far this community has been kind of sucking. i hate to admit it, but its so inactive. ive been overwhelmed and i know my mod has been also. but i still dont wan this place to die out.

what kind of community do you guys want?
should we have a weekly/monthly theme
post links to sites you think others might be interested in
give any suggestions.. what communities have you liked? why?
i kinda want this to be everyones community, not just a place i own and make rules.. so just post anything you feel like really. what kind of stuff do you guys wanna see?

personally, i like photowhores a lot, but i only do traditional b+w photo (yea with the darkroom and all... no computer stuff) so im rarely able to post things.. but im gonna try to get a digital camera for cheap.
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