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name: Carrie
date of birth: Dec. 29
location: Colorado
gender: Female
sexuality: Bisexual (Damn Labels)
in school? for.. No


music: All types, only old school rap
color: Purple, Red, Black
movies: Comedy, Horror
books: VC Andrews, Anne Rice, Stephen King (Carrie Is My Fav)
food: Most Anything
people: My hubby, My kids
activities: Writing Poetry
about myself: Nothing
others: Nothing


music: Gangster Rap
movies: Most of the sappy ones
food: some veggies, sweet potatoes
people: Everyone else I didn't mention above
activities: Being Awake
about myself: Everything
others: Everything


my biggest fear: Dying in pain
my favorite memory: My children being born
im proud of: my children
i regret: being alive
my goal: to be published
disorders/ special conditions: DID/MPD, Severe Depression


if my life were a movie... (give us a title, summary, soundtrack, cast...): Nope, no one would be interested

my theme song: Living Dead Girl (Rob Zombie)

if i could choose one super power: Invisiable
i wish... to die?? LoL

now be funny: I am funny looking...lol

.:OPINIONS:. (pick 3 to emphasize- no novels please)

government: Hate it
pornography: Depends
abortion: I plead the 5th
drugs: Have done, still do (painkillers)
sex: Female...no kidding...as often as I can
school: Been there done that??
self-injury: All the time (don't want help)
animals: got them
give your opinion on something we didnt ask: Staying to myself
anything about yourself you want us to know: I am weird


why did you decide to join? cause the owner is like me. :P
give us pics if youve got 'em (I will later)
promote us (If I have to)
samples of things youve created (Join my personal LJ and you'll see poems)
suggestions for this community (Get More Members...kidding)
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