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Sorry if it is not done right


Shavone Kelly Phillips
date of birth: 02-02-1989
location: Adelaide
gender: Female
sexuality: Likes guys
in school? for.. In year 11 in Janurary


Evanescence, A Perfect Circle, Within Temptation
color: Black, Hot Pink
movies: The Ring, most horror movies
books: The Raging Quiet
food: Strawberries, water
people: Kelly, Matt, Mikel, Fiona, Chantel, Nice People
activities: Singing, Sleeping, Netball
about myself: Eye colour
others: Controversie


Pop, Rap
movies: Harry Potter
food: Chocolate
people: Snobs, nerds
activities: Sweating, smelling, cleaning
about myself: Most of my self
others: Family


my biggest fear:
my favorite memory: My first kiss
im proud of: My friends talents
i regret: Breaking up with my first boyfriends
my goal: To stop cutting and lose alittle of weight
disorders/ special conditions: Bipolar


if my life were a movie... (give us a title, summary, soundtrack, cast...):
I dont know...I will think of that
my theme song: Away from me...Evanescence
if i could choose one super power: Invisibility
i wish... I could control time
now be funny: When flys fly into mirrors, why dont they dont try to dodge the mirror image of them?

.:OPINIONS:. (pick 3 to emphasize- no novels please)

Is taking over what should be left alone
pornography: Should stay home made
abortion: Should not be used as a contriceptive
drugs: Havent tryed them and I dont think I want to
sex: Is allright if you love them
school: Is nessisary even if it is a drag at times
self-injury: I used to, but now I try to stop it and I am
animals: So cute
give your opinion on something we didnt ask: I dont like family because you can never get rid of them
anything about yourself you want us to know: I am a human...I think that is real...but we are never sure


why did you decide to join?
I thought I would give it a go and it would be a great way to speak about taboo subjects
give us pics if youve got 'em I dont know how to add pictures to my live journal...Help please
promote us Dont know how to do html but I will try
samples of things youve created BRIGHT BLUE

Your eyes are so blue
That they see right through
All of my lies
And disguise

You are so smart
Can’t you see
That you can
See right through me

I like you so much more
Than you ever know
But you see through my disguise
So you may as well see through my lies

People say we would be so cute together
But we do not match whatsoever
You are so smart I am so dumb
You are so interesting I am so glum

I am used to talking to people
Over MSN txt messages and all that
But you have neither
So what do I do?

I was almost matched up with you
But you said that you did not know me enough
And a while ago you tried to
But I freaked out and now we are through

I feel weird now
Because I know time is running out
Before you lose interest in me
But maybe it is already too late

I want to get to know you
But I don't know how to
I don't know how to talk openly
Can you free and teach me?

suggestions for this community Get more people who have clashing opinions
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