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name: Kylie Moore

date of birth: March 29, 1990
location: Afton, Iowa
gender: Female
sexuality: Straight
in school? Yes, I'm a freshmen


music: anything different, my favorite bands are hole, placebo, switchblade symphony, etc.

color: lime green, pink, or black
movies: Edward Scissorhands, The Virgin Suicides, The Crow, Ghost World
books: Cut, The Night I Disappeared, Aimee, You Remind Me of You, The Bell Jar
food: Doesn't matter.
people: Unique
activities: music, computers, writing, sleeping, sports, daydreaming, eating
about myself: I am very influenced by music, but I do not follow a label because of the music I listen to. I just am myself. Take it or leave it. I have a pixie hair cut, and it looks kind of weird, but it fits me. I like mostly bright shiny stuff, but I still love black.



movies: White Chicks or any dumb comedy
about myself:


my biggest fear:

my favorite memory:
im proud of:
i regret:
my goal:
disorders/ special conditions:


if my life were a movie... (give us a title, summary, soundtrack, cast...):

my theme song:
if i could choose one super power:
i wish...
now be funny:

.:OPINIONS:. (pick 3 to emphasize- no novels please)


pornography: I think it is fine, but then I feel bad because all they portray are skinny blond women. The porn industry is very sexist, but as long as a woman wants to get herself in that. I personally don't mind porn though, that portrays many different type of women, and treats them with respect. The human body is beautiful if it is used that way.
abortion: I am 100 percent pro-choice. It's just a person's choice. A fetus can't think yet, and I am definitely okay with it in a tough situation(i.e.-rape, mother in danger, etc.)
drugs: I don't do them, they just aren't something I do, and I think it can really fuck up someone's life. My dad had an addiction, and I had to live with it as a small child.
sex: I don't really care, as long as you know what you are doing and the risks.
school: School is very important to me. I want to be successful in life, and know all I can, so I can bitch and complain with understanding. Lol.
self-injury: I am a self-injurer. It's really hard and I advise no one to start. I have struggled with it for almost 2 years now. I have many other emotional problems also.
animals: I used to be a vegetarian, but I dropped it. I love animals, but it is natural and my choice. I'm not a HUGE meat eater. I hardly eat it.
give your opinion on something we didnt ask: Don't really have anything else.
anything about yourself you want us to know: I found this community that you guys might be interested in:


why did you decide to join?

give us pics if youve got 'em
promote us
samples of things youve created
suggestions for this community
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