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date of birth:Sept.29.1987
location:Currently at school...(in Canada)
in school? for..highschool... I'm here because I have to be.


almost everything... emo/screamo/rock/punk are my favourite genres... Dashboard Confessional,Blink 182,AFI and FATA are my favourite bands.
color:I love purple and black... Rock and Roll royalty colours!
movies:Frig... so many... The Crow, The Craft, Van Wilder, The Girl Next Door, The Matirx trilogy, Girl Interrupted
books:Anne Rice... anything by her...
food:Pizza, mexican... italian... anything spicey really.
people: My best friend Geoff... the most amzing person I know, My mom... angelina jolie and johnny depp... both beautiful and talented people.
activities:writing (anthing... poetry... stories... etc)... listening to music... skateboarding.
about myself: I'm a very non-judgemental person... I'm very empathetic... so I cry alot... I love my hair... its short... not many girls in my school have short hair... I love my eyes... they're big. I love my style and my attitude towards life (optimistic and hopeful)
others: um... not sure... depends.


extreme hardcore industrial type music... its gets to me after awhile.
movies:They, House of the Dead (or somethinglike that)... horror movies that are lame and not in the slightest scarey... or even funny.
food:brussel sprouts... I cant get past the way they smell.
people:Bush... (sorry if you're American and support him... each to their own)
activities: waking up in the morning.
about myself: my height... I feel I'm too tall (I'm 5'10)... my inability to think before I speak.
others: inconsiderate people bug me... people who think they are better than someone because of the way they look...


my biggest fear:
Fallin... well... more so the hitting the ground.
my favorite memory: hmmm... umm... sitting in a treehouse... with a guy I loved (he's not in my life anymore)... and it was nighttime and he was playing me Kiss Me by sixpense none the richer on his guitar... it was so romantic.
im proud of: being myself... so many people try so hard to fit in.
i regret:not telling the guy with the guitar that I loved him
my goal:to find a job that I'm good at, someone I love... and live my life accordingly.
disorders/ special conditions:I need glasses to see things that are far away... other than that... I'm good.


if my life were a movie... (give us a title, summary, soundtrack, cast...):
"Strangely Profound" starring Angelina Jolie as Kasey.
my theme song: "Welcome to my life" Simple Plan
if i could choose one super power:I would fly... it's a free feeling I want to experience.
i wish... I had a pizza in front of me right now... I'm so hungry.
now be funny:wasnt saying I wish I had a pizza funny? no? hmm....

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.:OPINIONS:. (pick 3 to emphasize- no novels please)

I'm not a very politcal person.
pornography:no comment.
abortion:I think this a issue that you really cant take an extremist view on... sometimes an abortionis necessary (rape,incest...life threatening to the mother or child)... but if you were just dumb and didnt use protection... you should have to live with those consequences.
drugs:I hate them... I dont like being around them... but I cant very well stop anyone.. just hope that they make the right choice.
sex:it's like alcohol... use responsibly... casual sex is wrong... sex should be between two people who love each other.
self-injury:it's sad... but people have made it a trend... which is horrible because some people have REAL problems.
animals:aww cute!
give your opinion on something we didnt ask:gay marriage should be allowed!
anything about yourself you want us to know: I have a tattoo! I love it! I want more!


why did you decide to join?
I liked what was said in the community info.
give us pics if youve got 'emImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com
promote usno_join_needed
samples of things youve created
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
suggestions for this community hmm... I dont know... weekly themes? alot of communities do that... but then again... this community is about being unique... so yeah... I got nothing.
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