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We are Unique...

...so label us accordingly.

we are like that
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All Members , Moderated
we won't reject you!

This community is for anyone. There is an application to fill out when you join but this is NOT RATING OR VOTING! Users can comment on applications, but negativity is discouraged. The only purpose of the application is to let members get to know each other. Everyone is accepted unless the mods decide to ban you.

Our purpose is extensive and unlimiting. Controversy is encouraged, so start a debate. Ask for advice, share your art, cam-whore, or suggest something someone else might be interested in. Right now there are no restrictions. Rules will be created if they end up being needed, but the hope is we can co-exist respectfully. I dont want the mods to feel like authority figures.

When you join, fill this out within a week!
Copy and paste this. Do not use Rich Text Mode, it will not work.
Use regular update page, and simply copy, paste, and fill it out.

Mods: sex_scorpion666 & stargzn_nemesis
Communities we L♥VE: socially_poetic, glitter_dolls